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Hire a Leica TS16, 1" Total station with CS20 Controller Spectra Ll500 Laser W Hl700 Receiver, Clamp, Nimh & Universal Charger Spectra Dual Slope Laser W Remote And Cr600 Receiver Spectra Ll500 Laserlevel W/ Hl700 RCeiver, Clamp & Alkalines Spectra LT58G Green Laser Tool W M156,Target, Manual In Case Spectra Dual Slope Laser W Remote Spectra Ll300S W Hl760, Road Clamp Adapter & Alkaline Batteries Spectra Dual Grade Pkg-English with HL700 Spectra Green Ceiling Laser Tool With 2 Green Vertical Beams Spectra Ll300S W Hl760, C70, RC402N & Rechargeable Batteries Spectra Wallmount HV30X (G) Spectra Ll300S W Hl450 & Rechargeable Batteries Spectra 3 Plane Laser Tool W Manual, HR1220 Receiver Spectra Wall Mount For HV301 Spectra GL622N With No Receiver Spectra HV302G-7 Laser W Hl760U Receiver, Clamp, RC402N Spectra Ll300S Base Unit W Rechargeables And No Receiver Spectra 3 Plane Laser Tool W Manual, Bracket,Target & Case Spectra Universal Accessory LT58 / LT58G / LT52 / LT52G Spectra GL622N Laser W RC602N Remote, Hl760 Receiver Spectra HR320 Receiver W/ Rod Clamp & User Guide Spectra HV302G Laser W M302 Wall Mount, Green Target Spectra LT52 Red Laser W Cross Line & 5 Alignment Points Spectra GL612N Laser W RC602N Remote, Hl760 Receiver Spectra HR1220 Receiver And Clamp Spectra HV302G Laser W RC402N Remote , M302 Wall Mount Spectra LR60 Receiver W/Magnetic Mount Spectra LT52G Green Laser Tool W HR1220 RCvr In Case Spectra 956 Target Frame Spectra Autolevel, 32X Magnification, Air Dampened Spectra Clamp, HL700/HL750, Gray, W/ Vial Spectra GL422N Laser W RC402N Remote, Cr700 Receiver Spectra HR150U Receiver W/ Rod Clamp & User Guide Spectra HV302 Laser W HL760 Receiver, Clamp, RC402N, 4 Spectra Receiver, Laser, Linear Display/Control W/Plumb Indicator Spectra LT52 Green Laser W Cross Line & 5 Alignment Points Spectra Target,Welded Lg Pipe Spectra HR150 Grade Rod Clamp Spectra GL422N Laser W RC402N, Hl760 Receiver, Clamp Spectra Hl760U Receiver Spectra HV302 Laser W HL760 Receiver, Clamp, RC402N Spectra Ll300N W Hl450, Rechargeable Batteries & Universal Charger Spectra LR50W Receiver W/ RD20 And Magnetic Mount Spectra Laser Receiver With Radio & Remote Display Spectra Target,Welded Sm. Pipe Spectra Autolevel, 28X Magnification, Magnetic Dampened Spectra Receiver Clamp For HR350, HR250 Spectra DG813 Pipe Laser W/ RC803, SF803, Nimh Spectra GL422N Base Unit W Rechargeables And No Receiver Spectra Hl760 Receiver
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