CAT and GENNY Hire Rates

Hire a CAT and Genny anywhere in the UK - The full Radiodetection Range including accessories available for next day delivery from a UK Radiodetection Dealer

Also Available: C Scope Cable Locator Hire, Leica CAT and Genny Hire, Sonde Hire, 50 Metre Flexitrace Hire, GMI MK2 GASCOSEEKERS are now available for HIRE:

ALL Available Next Day if required:

Equipment Weekly Hire Rate Image
Radiodetection CAT4+ (Depth) Handset Hire £45 cat4 genny4 hire
Radiodetection CAT4 (Visual) Handset Hire £40
Radiodetection CAT4+ and Signal Generator (Genny4) Hire £75
Radiodetection CAT4 and Genny4 (Visual) Hire £70
Radiodetection CAT3+ (Depth Unit) Hire £45.00 cat3 genny hire
Radiodetection CAT3V Hire £40.00
Radiodetection CAT3+ and Signal Generator Hire £60.00
Radiodetection CAT3V and Signal Generator Hire £55.00
GMI Gascoseeker Hire    



GMI Gascoseeker




Gascoseeker2 GMI Hire


Collection and Delivery from £12.50 each way (Next Day) OR £8.00 (Economy)

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