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  • CAT & Genny: C.A.T4 & Genny4 Revolutionising Utility Locating
    CAT & Genny

    In the world of utility locating, precision and efficiency are paramount. This is where the C.A.T4 and Genny4 Cable Avoidance Tools and Signal Generators by Radiodetection come into play. These powerful tools are more than equipment; they are the backbone of modern utility locating, setting new standards

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  • CAT and Genny Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
    cleaning  cat and genny

    Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT) and Signal Generators (Genny) are essential instruments in utility locating and excavation projects. A CAT and Genny can help in detecting and tracing underground cables and pipes,

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  • Ai in Drain Cameras
    ai in drain cameras

    The Ai Revolution in Drain Cameras

    The integration of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) into drain cameras is a groundbreaking development in the field of drainage system inspections. This technological advancement offers real-time analysis, predictive modeling, and high-precision evaluations, revolutionizing

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  • Drain Camera Resolution Importance
    drain camera resolution

    Drain inspections are a critical aspect of plumbing maintenance, and the quality of the camera used can make a significant difference. High-resolution cameras have revolutionized the field, offering unparalleled clarity and detail. This guide will delve into the importance of using high-resolution cameras

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