Vivax vLoc3-DM Pipeline Defect Mapper

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Key Features of the Vivax vLoc3-DM Pipeline Defect Mapper

  • Real-Time Mapping: On-screen mapping and data review for immediate pipeline evaluation.
  • Defect Identification: Precisely locates and evaluates pipe coating defects for maintenance and repair.
  • Color-Coded Warnings: EM distortion warnings ensure clear identification of potential issues.
  • Comprehensive Current Mapping: Utilizes low-frequency 3Hz and 4Hz for detailed current mapping.
  • Integrated Technology: Internal Bluetooth and GPS for advanced data logging and navigation.
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Package Contents

vLoc3-DM includes:

  • Li-ion receiver battery
  • Li-Ion charger
  • Alkaline battery holder
  • Manual
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Padded bag
  • Bluetooth
  • Internal GPS
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