Leica ULTRA System Multi Clamp

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Leica ULTRA System Multi Clamps Key Features

  • Versatile Size Options: Includes 125mm (5”) for standard tracing, 178mm (7”) for larger cables, and 80mm (3.15”) Broadband Clamp for a wide frequency range, catering to diverse utility tracing needs.
  • User-Friendly and Durable: Designed for ease of use and durability, ensuring a secure grip on cables for reliable and consistent signal application in various field conditions.
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Package Contents

Depending on the Transmitter you choose in the options you will receieve either:

  • 125mm (5”) Multi Clamp by Leica
  • 178mm (7”) Multi Clamp by Leica
  • 80mm (3.15”) Broadband Clamp by Leica
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